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Centauri Communications offers multiple DSL service packages for residential customers. Before placing an order there is a pre qualification check on the phone line that will be used for the data service.

If you are a current DSL customer with the local phone company (ILEC) and have a DSL modem, switching over to Centauri is a simple transition. Most DSL modems can be purchased from a local retailer or you can order from Centauri at the time of placing the order.

DSL Service speeds and price:

Service Speeds Prices
6.0 Mbps download / 512 - 768 kbps upload $37.95 Includes one dynamic IP Address
3.0 Mbps download / 384 - 512 kbps upload $29.95 Includes one dynamic IP Address
1.5 Mbps download / 128 - 384 kbps upload $25.95 Includes one dynamic IP Address
768 K download / 128 - 384 kbps upload $21.95 Includes one dynamic IP Address

Step 1.

Below is our pre qualification DSL test. It will show a few packages after you put in your DSL service number. The packages are listed as Basic1, Advanced, and Advanced+ . This means your line has been qualified to order our service.

* NOTE (If no packages show up after the prompt you can still proceed to order. Centauri will continue a different pre qualification and inform you of your line eligibility for DSL service.)


Step 2.

Pick your selected DSL service speed and proceed to Step 3.

  • Basic1 = 1.5 Mbps
  • Advanced = 3.0 Mbps
  • Advanced+ = 6.0 Mbps

Step 3.

Click here to complete the online sign up and to process your DSL order.

What type of speeds should I receive on DSL ?

The speed your location can receive depends on your address, line quality and the distance to your local phone company's central office. A Central Office (CO) is the main switching station for the phone lines in your area. It is the office where the ILEC (your telephone company) connects the phone circuits, and makes the routes between local and long distance.

Can I get DSL in my area?

DSL service can only be delivered within a radius from your phone company's local central office (CO).

DSL service and speed availability depend on a few factors:
  • Your location's distance from the Central Office (CO)
  • the type of lines used between you and the Central Office (fiber/copper)

What is the average installation time for the DSL service ?

Average installation is 3 – 5 business days from the time the order is placed.

What coverage area does Centauri provide DSL service?

Currently we are offering DSL in the state of California.


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