Centauri Peering

In general, Centauri maintains a reasonably open peering policy and is willing to peer with other networks across public peering points where both networks are present. There are however certain requirements which will be described below

Centauri is primarily interested in peering with networks of similar size, where multiple geographically diverse interconnections are possible.

All peers must supply an Operational contact that is available on a 24x7 basis, such as a Network Operations Center or equivalent. Both Voice and Email contact information is required.

Peers must not utilize any form of gateway of last resort or default route that is directed at Centauri Communications

Use of the Internet Routing Registry (IRR) is strongly encouraged for prompt prefix filter updates. Networks that do not provide a Routing Registry object to use for filter generation may have all routes filtered based upon some arbitrary criteria, such as mask length, or number of prefixes announced.

Centauri maintains the right to add an entry describing any peering interconnect into the Internet Routing Registry system for the purpose of easing BGP filter generation..

Peers should provide access to a looking glass or traceroute server to facilitate troubleshooting.

A good faith effort should be made to aggregate route announcements as much as practical.

All announcements are to be consistent, in terms of prefix aggregation properties, across all interconnect locations.

Peers are expected to filter their clients to reject both unauthorized BGP announcements as well as IP datagrams with invalid source addresses.

Under no circumstances will Centauri maintain both a transit and peering relationship with a given network simultaneously.

Centauri reserves the right to suspend peering for an indefinite period of time should any form of network abuse be verified to take place via the peering interconnect. The following non-exhaustive list serves to provide examples of such abuse:

  • Denial of Service attacks
  • Unsolicited Bulk Email sources
  • Setting default-route to Centauri Communications

Final decision in peering is based upon a mutually agreeable decision to peer based upon operational needs. If Centauri Communications operational needs cause a peering arrangement to conflict with the best interest of Centauri, Centauri reserves the right to terminate the peering agreement with reasonable advance notice.

Admin/Peering Information:

ASN: 19214
NOC email:
NOC voice: 1-415-294-2240 x3
Looking Glass: http://lg.centaurico.com

Private Peering Locations:

San Francisco, Ca, 200 Paul (Digital Realty Trust )  


Centauri BGP Community policy:  

Customer Local-preference Options

Local-Pref Community Description
90 19214:90 Lower (less preferred) than all other routes on the network (Back up route only)
100 19214:100 Default preference - If not matched by any other custom route-map
110 19214:110 Lower than IP Transit routes
120 19214:120 Reserved for future use
130 19214:130 Higher than IP Transit routes
150 19214:150 Higher than Public peer routes but lower than private peer routes
180 19214:180 Higher than Private peer routes
190 19214:190 BGP customers with two links that want to select which link has preference
200 none Default customer IP routes - Highest local preference on the network


Communities that Change Customer Announcements to specific Peers at AS19214 Border

Provider Name or AS
"Don't Advertise"
"Prepend Once"

"Prepend Twice"

"Prepend Thrice"