Imagine the shift in technology over the past few decades with television service. First it was over the air broadcasting. Then in the 1970's it went towards analog cable TV via coax, and the mid 1990's brought digital TV. Fast forward and now the latest crave is IP digital TV service. With this fundamental leap in technology it is empowering the service known as triple play over a single medium and that is brought to you over fiber optics.

Centauri Communications is able to offer entire communities using fiber optics, something that is so radically towards the future of technology and that is Voice, Video, and Data. Vision your living room with high definition surround sound, hundreds of HD picture quality channels coupled with thousands of on demand pay per view movies, and interactive TV. With lightning fast internet service capable of 100 Mbps distributed throughout the house and able to deliver online gaming, true two way video conferencing. This technology enables voice services with every advanced feature such as voice mail, caller-id, 3 way calling, utilizing the most advanced IP telephones with XML.

Centauri visions people's homes as the most important piece of the puzzle in the new digital age, not to mention the most underserved market among other RBOC's \ ILEC's carrier’s goals. Find out what Centauri can bring to your communities in this digital divide.

If you would like to bring this new technology to your condo \ apartment building's. Then contact us so we can work out an agreement to deliver this new service to your residents.





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