Director of Global Network Architecture


Job description:

Responsible for designing, certification and third-level troubleshooting of wide area networks in a Internet Service Provider enviroment. Employee oversees the installation, maintenance, and operation of wide area networks and associated computer hardware and software. Employee coordinates with the business units the evaluation of WAN networking needs and recommends improvements and modifications to existing infrastructure. Employee diagnoses and resolves complex local area network issues.

Cisco required experience:

Must be a expert across the Cisco networking platforms not limited to, Routers 17XX, 18XX, 26XX, 36XX, 38XX, 72XX, 76XX, 12XXX, L2 L3 Switches, 4XX, 55XX, 65XX, Optical ONS, 15454, 15600, 15800.

Voice over IP and PSTN experience

Cisco Call Manager 3.3 to 4.2, Unity Voicemail 4.X, Cisco IPCC CRA 3.5, Asterisk IP PBX,  Cisco SRST, Call Manager Express, AAR, ITS, H.323 Gatekeepers , H.225 Intercluster Trunks, Transcoders, MTP, MOH, Digital and analog FXS, FXO-M1, T1, E1, PRI, CAS, H.323 Dial Peers, MGCP, SCCP, SIP, Codecs G711, G729, Toll Bypass, Least Cost Routing, 2N VOIP GSM Gateways, SS7, Signal Transfer Points, North America Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA)

Dial Plans, Call Blocking, (QoS), Voice Gateway Communications with Local, Regional and Long Distance Carriers, GSM SIP Routing, Regions, Partitions, Call Search Spaces, Device Pools, MGCP Gateways, MWI, Call Park, Call Pickup Groups, Meet Me Conferencing, Forced Authorization Codes, Time of Day Routing, Hunt Lists, Hunt Groups, Voice Mail Pilots, Conference Bridges, Route Patterns, Route Lists, Route Groups, Digit Stripping, Dial Peers, Translations Patterns, Transformation mask

Border Gateway Protocol Experience

Transit Peering, Private Peering, Confederations, Route Reflectors, CYMRU BGP Bogon Peers, Weights, Local Preferences, Community Strings, Inbound and Outbound traffic manipulation, Route Maps, Graded Route Map Dampening, Route Views, Meds, ARIN, Peer Groups, Peer Templates, Peer Filters, Prefix-Lists, Distribute Lists, AS-Path ACL’s, Outbound Filtering, Inbound Filtering, Private BGP, Ebgp-Multihop, AS-Override, Maximum-Prefix, Multipath, AS-Prepending, Dynamic Sink Holes.

Major plus experience with the BGP GRX network to mobile wireless carriers.

Adtran Hardware experience

Atlas 550, TSU 120E, DSU III AR,


TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AToM, BGP, MBGP, SBGP, QinQ, Pseudo Wires, GRE, POS, PPP, ROADM, BLSR, DPT, IS-IS, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP2, VLANS, PVLANS, VPN, MPLS, NAT, VOIP, VRRP, HSRP, GLBP, SSH2, GIGE, LAN/WAN/MAN, Frame Relay, ATM, SNMP, Fiber Optics, DWDM, CWDM, LDAP, Radius, SSL, DHCP, Wireless, 80211.A-G, NFS, IPSEC, 3DES, IKE, NIS, Raid, 0+1, 5. TDM, SONET/SDH, STS-1, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48, OC-192,  DS-1, DS-3, ADM, RPR, Circuit Emulation, IDF, MDF, STP/UTP, IGMP, 568A/B, 66 Blocks, 110 Blocks, Telephone Pole Cable Taps.

Certification design and support of user networks from needs analysis through turnover and support. Responsible for all aspects of design including budgeting, scheduling, overseeing implementation, testing, documentation and training. Layer III trouble escalation. ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLES OF WORK

Designs wide area networks including network ADMs, routers, switches, and other peripheral devices. Operate and maintain wide area networks, track significant problems, monitor performance, and perform upgrades to hardware and software as required.

Creation of design packages for turn-over to Deployment groups, Participates in long and short range technology planning.

Trains technical staff to follow proper operating procedures necessary to maintain the integrity of the network. Maintains documentation regarding network configuration, operating procedures, and service records relating to network hardware and software.

Assists in developing and providing training to operations and deployment staff. Attends classes, seminars, conferences and reviews professional literature to enhance knowledge of trends and developments related to local area network systems.

Skills Required Experience: Strong internetworking skills (WAN- L1, L2, L3) and broad exposure to CLEC, ILEC and IXC SONET, DWDM , DS3, and DS1 clear-channel, frame-relay and ATM services. Cisco knowledge of routers (7500, 7200, 3600, 2600)

ADVA: DWDM - FSP2000; FSP 1000; FSP 3000, Nortel Passport 6480 ATM switch knowledge

Fujitsu Flashwave 4100/4500 SONET ADM knowledge, including UPSR and BLSR configurations and Virtual Tributary familiarity, knowledge of Stratum timing and BITS systems

Digital Link and Verilink DSU/CSU knowledge. TCP/IP routing protocols: OSPF, BGP4, as well as PIM sparse-mode IP multicast protocols knowledge and design experience

Global ISP-scale BGP4 routing experience, have had your own BGP AS Number and PI IP block a major plus

Certification experience with equipment from Cisco, Ixia, and Spirent. Triple CCIE, R&S, Service Provider Voice, and Optical

Good project management skills strong communication skills. Financial industry experience is a plus KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES. Strong knowledge of wide area network architecture. Strong knowledge of computers and related technologies. Strong knowledge of infrastructure equirements and components of wide area networks. Considerable knowledge of wide area network protocols and diagnostic tools. Ability to supervise technical support staff. Ability to communicate effectively, emphasizing both written and oral presentation skills

Skills Desired Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering or a related field, ten years' experience in a network environment, or any equivalent combination of training and experience